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October at The Tree House

October is filled with so many exciting things. All things pumpkin spice, festivals, and Halloween,

to all the excitement at The Tree House. This year we are having a fun, fall-themed, fundraiser. We are excited to kick off October with our “Stuff the Pumpkin” fundraiser! We wanted to start something fun that fit into the fall theme and was different. I wanted to dedicate a blog post to this new fundraiser so that our community could understand our ”why”. What better way to get connected than to learn about all we have going on at our organization.

Our “Stuff The Pumpkin” fundraiser is new for The Tree House. Our goal for this fundraiser is to have a virtual pumpkin and for every donation that we receive, we “fill” our pumpkin. The hope is that by the end of the month we will have “stuffed our pumpkin” to the top. We rely on donations for many of our supplies and to directly help families in need when they come through our doors. Being a non-profit, we try to ensure that 90 cents of every dollar goes directly toward services. Donations help us accomplish this. We created an Amazon Wishlist because we are often asked what items we need donated. This is an easy way to donate without even having to leave your home. We hope that our fundraiser is successful and fun for everyone to participate in. We love to reach our community in new, exciting, and different ways. We are excited to see the outcome of “Stuff the Pumpkin”, and we hope to be able to continue it in the future. Click on the link below to see our Amazon Wishlist and/or visit to make a donation today. You may also donate gift cards that families can use for gas, food, or clothing. If you wish to donate items to our office, please call us at 770-868-1900 to schedule a visit.

Another reason October is exciting for The Tree House is because we get to welcome our new board members this month! We are thankful for all of our amazing board members and everything they do for our organization. We can’t wait to announce who all of our new members are and write a spotlight on them!

To wrap up all of our excitement at The Tree House we want to say thank you to everyone who helps our organization in any way. We rely on our community for support and to help us spread our message of hope and healing. It is because of the endless support of our community that we get to continue to help children and families heal from abuse, and that we get to educate to prevent child abuse. We thank you all for all the support you have given us and so do our clients. It is because of our community and that they get to come to us for healing and hope for a brighter and better future! #GreatChildhoodsBeginWithAllOfUs

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