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The Tree House, Inc. Clinical Services program helps reduce trauma that occurs when a child is abused. Children that experience child abuse may experience Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, such as flashbacks, anxiety, depression, hyper-viligence, nightmares, and anger outbursts. Left untreated children may have increased health problems as an adult, higher chance of abusing drugs and alcohol, and even suicide. The Tree House, Inc. strives to decrease trauma and help children heal from the abuse by providing trauma focused therapy by licensed mental health professionals and master level interns. Clinical Services are offered to child victims, caregivers and siblings in a child-family environment.   

List of Clinical Services:

  • Individual trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Crisis counseling

  • Therapeutic groups for teens and children

  • Non-offending caregiver support

  • Children After the Fire Program

  • Camp Soar



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