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Child abuse occurs in every county, state, and country. Our community is no exception. In Barrow County, there are three (3) substantiated* incidents of abuse/neglect per 1000 children annually.  In Jackson County, there are two (2) substantiated incidents of abuse/neglect per 1000 children annually, and in Banks County there are an average of six (6) substantiated incidents of abuse/neglect per 1000 children each year.

In 2023, there were 128** substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect in The Tree House, Inc's three-county service area.

*Substantiated means proven to be true or proven to have actually occurred.

** All data on this page obtained from the Department of Family and Children Services.


The Tree House, Inc. Family Services program strives to provide the tools and resources that families need to prevent abuse from occurring in their home and rebuilding families when their children are in foster care. Parenting is not easy and children do not come with instruction manuals.  Family Services works with parents one-on-one,  helping them navigate challenges that the family identifies. By providing guidance and support before abuse occurs, we are one step closer to preventing child abuse.  


For some families, child maltreatment has occurred or circumstances led to their children being placed in foster care or out of home placement. This is a traumatic time for all involved. The House Inc. helps reduce the trauma that children in foster care may experience by providing a safe place for them to visit with their biological family while their parents are working towards reunification. These visits are supervised by trained observers, and parents and family members are provided with coaching to make sure bonding occurs and safety and comfort are maintained. The ultimate goal is for families to be reunited and to eliminate maltreatment in the future. 

List of Family Services:

  • Supervised Visitation for children in foster care and their biological families

  • In-home parenting education 

  • Center-based parent education for parents participating in Supervised Visitation

  • Parent coaching during Supervised Visits 

  • Transportation to and from Supervised Visitation

  • Fee-for-Service Supervised Visitation

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