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Gearing Up For Giving Tuesday

It’s November and while everyone is getting ready to celebrate family and friends at Thanksgiving, The Tree House is getting ready to share our mission with family, friends, and the community during Giving Tuesday! For those of you who don’t know about Giving Tuesday, it is a global generosity movement. To understand why Giving Tuesday is so important to us, you have to imagine yourself as our client.

Take yourself back to your childhood days as a playful seven year old. Now imagine that life for you has been a rough and bumpy road. Instead of making joyful memories of playing with friends and family, family vacations, and fun holidays, you have memories of your parents being passed out from drug use, holidays and birthdays with no food, and bruises from when you upset dad one too many times. You were finally removed from your home at the young age of nine. You were placed with a foster family that took you in and helped you grieve a life you once lived. Yes, you had suffered emotional and physical abuse for years, but you missed your home, your family, and the good moments of your previous life. When you were removed from your home, they brought you to The Tree House. You were scared and anxious coming in, but you were able to connect with understanding adults. Everyone you met at The Tree House took their time to get to know you as a person, not just another case on their hands. They asked about you and different activities you liked, they cared about you, and helped you heal. With the help of The Tree House and everyone there you have been able to work through all the hurt, rage, and confusion you felt from your abuse. You are a survivor, and you will get through this.

So why donate to our organization? Because without you we aren’t able to provide all the services that we offer; we aren’t able to see all the clients we see; we aren’t able to employ the amazing staff that we have; and we aren’t able to help children and families heal. Without you, your support, and your donations, we could never make our mission possible. This year, Giving Tuesday is on November 30th. It is our goal that we raise $5000 on Giving Tuesday to continue tp help children and families heal from child abuse. While we appreciate all types of donations, monetary donations help us provide the much needed services for hundreds of families in our communities. Donations also help us heal the abused and help our efforts to prevent child abuse.

This is our “why”, this is our mission, this is why Giving Tuesday is important to us. We get to help children and families because of you and your continued support. We appreciate our community and all that they do for us daily. From donations to volunteering with us. There are many ways to help us at The Tree House. We hope that this Giving Tuesday you chose us, to help us in our fight to prevent child abuse. Giving Tuesday is November 30th 2021, to donate to The Tree House you can visit our website at, or text 678-345-8280. You can also donate to us by visiting our Facebook page, or our GAgives webpage at If you would like to send something through mail, our mailing address is P.O. Box 949 Winder, GA 30680. Thank you again to all of our supporters, our mission is possible because of you! #GreatChildhoodsBeginWithAllOfUs

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