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Let’s Meet Paige

When you walk through the doors of The Tree House you are greeted with a big smile, and warm voice. You meet Paige, our Office Manager here at our organization. Paige does many different things around our offices to help us operate at our very best for our clients. She works extremely hard and supports not only our clients but all of our staff as well. Any needs that anyone may have, Paige is always there to help.

Paige has many different roles at The Tree House. According to Paige, “I am here and willing to participate in whatever capacity I can to reach our daily goals.” Paige explained that part of her job is providing assistance to families that are here for a Forensic Interview. She helps them to feel as comfortable as possible and understand what to expect while at The Tree House. In addition to being a great support to our clients and staff, she is also amazing about keeping our building clean and safe. “With my background in Code Enforcement and Environmental services, I pay attention to our buildings and grounds to help ensure they are running and operating smoothly.” Paige has been a shining star during the pandemic in making sure everyone that comes through our door is safe. Whether you call the office or come to our doors, you’ll have the chance to meet Paige and experience her kindness first hand.

Let’s get to know more about Paige outside of The Tree House. Paige is a wife and a mother to four beautiful children. Paige and her husband have been married twenty-one years. They both enjoy outdoor activities together. They have hiked and mountain biked together for many years, on many different trails. Aside from hiking and mountain biking, Paige and her family also go kayaking together. These activities are their way to relieve stress and feel connected with nature. When sitting down with Paige, I noticed that she was glowing every time she talked about her family. Faith is also very important to her and her family. Paige talked a lot about her faith, how strong it was, and just how important it is to her.

Our organization is very lucky to have such an amazing person like Paige. She always goes above and beyond for all of our clients and everyone at The Tree House. She makes everyone who comes through our doors feel welcome. Paige makes a huge impact at our organization, putting the needs of everyone else before her own. She is always making sure everyone has what they need on any given day. It is because of people like Paige that children and families continue to come to The Tree House. Join me in giving a huge thank you to Paige for all you do for our clients and staff members day in and day out. We can’t express how truly grateful we are for you! #GreatChildhoodsBeginWithAllOfUs

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